Sitecore User Group Jordan What's up with Sitecore 9!


What's up with Sitecore 9!

Hanin Daoud
Sitecore lead
Tanasuk Technologies

Speaker Bio

Hanin Daoud is a Sitecore lead and Senior Sitecore Developer with Tanansuk, I have 10 years in web development experience using .Net platform and 3 years in Sitecore.
following where you can know more about me:

Ishraq Al Fataftah
Senior Solutions Architect

Speaker Bio

Sitecore MVP and Senior Solutions Architect. Ishraq has over 10 years of web development experience using .Net platform and has been working with Sitecore for more than 8 years and counting. She is leading several large scale projects in the MENA region and worldwide and a major player in the Sitecore scene.

Mohammed Syam
Senior Sitecore Developer

Speaker Bio

Mohammed Syam is a Senior Sitecore Developer and a Sitecore MVP working with, he has a 5 years Sitecore experience, following where you can know more about him:


Session Information

  • Why Sitecore 9!
  • What is SIF and Why!
  • Let us tell you a little bit about xConnect!
  • A "Cortex" is not only in your head o_O!
  • xDB? no doubt!
  • Some wizarding work of JSS!
  • We hear you! Sitecore Forms, baby!
  • ... and much more!

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